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You can always contact me at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


 The Law Office of Charles L Basch II offers complete bankruptcy petition preparation for law firms throughout the United States. 

As a contract service, I offer a remote, hands free, contact free service to attorneys and law firms.

How it works - It is simple really, I use all the documents that you use to put together a completed Petition, Schedules, Statement of Financial Affairs, Means Test and if requested a generic Plan if the case is a chapter 13. 

You would email me all the documents, or upload them into the cloud service of your choice and I would retrieve them, and use them as you would, to prepare all the documents. 

I prepare your file, and send the completed .bcb file back to you, you import it to BestCase. I will give you a comprehensive list of notes and issues that you would need to review and address based on the documents provided before you have your client signing. This is where my 18+ years of experience comes in! I have personally prepared and handled over 7,000 cases in my career, and can recognize any potential issue for you. That is where my notes on each completed file are invaluable. 

I do not have any contact with your client. Under no circumstances do I email, call or otherwise try to contact your client. This way, we all avoid any ethical ramifications and do not run afoul of any laws, I am merely a contractor. 

Space is limited. I do all the petitions personally, as you would expect, I can only handle about 200 per month, in addition to my own law practice and clients. 

My current list of firms are currently from all over the USA - Alabama, California, Oregon, West Virginia. And I do not have any firms that directly compete with one another, and I don't plan too either, so your "territory" would be safe as far as I am concerned. 

Call me today - 1-313-343-9930 or email me at

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