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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Law Office Update


I wanted to let everyone know that during this unprecedented time The Law Office of Charles L Basch II is still open, and servicing new and existing clients full-time. I am still diligently involved in cases and all aspects of keeping them healthy and moving forward by what ever means available to my office offered by the Courts or the Federal Government that may arise going forward.

I do not anticipate that any of us will all be out of work for very long, and, I am hoping that all the parties involved, Judges, Trustees and Creditors will be a bit accommodating considering the extreme circumstances that we face right now. I would hazard to guess, but cannot make any guarantees, if, in a prolonged stretch, that Congress will, or would intervene to address the millions that are going through the federal court systems especially bankruptcy court and offer some form of remedy.

As of right now Bankruptcy Courts are still holding hearings, although all tel-phonically, and NOT in person, so, all the rules of law do and still apply, and your case is no exception. Your creditors cannot do anything to you without my knowledge, and they must still follow the Code and Civil Rules of Procedure.

So rest assured, The Law Office of Charles L Basch II is still open for new and existing cases and continually monitoring the fast changes that are happening almost daily with the Courts and the Federal Government. Check back here daily for any new updates.

Please stay healthy and safe.

Warmest Regards,

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