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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Low Low Ch 7 Attorney Fee's

Are you looking for an experienced attorney, who knows the law,  who is affordable? Look no further, with over 16 years of bankruptcy experience and over 5,000 cases handled you have come to the right place!

Chapter 7 "Liquidation" is the chapter you can file to get rid of all your debt, and pay no one back! Literally a fresh start. But, you may be able to keep certain things that you need as long as it is reasonable, such as your house or car.

The law is complex, but I can explain it to you in simple terms and understandable concepts. It is my job to know the law, and help you through the system.

Call today, I will meet or beat any other attorney's lowest price! 313-343-9930

Note: some debts are not subject to discharge, such as student loans, child support and certain taxes, but of course there are exceptions to all of these. 

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